So, you'd like to know a little bit more about me? Brace yourself: it's going to be a boring record! (^_~)

I have a degree in Architecture, but I always dreamt of becoming a cartoonist. My passion for comic books was started by my father: he had a big collection of French comic books which I loved to peruse, even when I was not yet able to read. By the time I was able to distinguish the letters and understand French, I knew by heart the lines and colours of each strip.

Astérix et le Chaudron, René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, 1969

The turning point though, was with an interview with Andy Kubert inside an issue of "Uncanny X-Men", which made me realize that there are actually real people behind the creative process of a comic book.

Some of my favourite artists are Alexander Malleev and Enki Bilal. I love the classical paintings from the Renaissance and Expressionist Art Period as well. My Art School, on the other hand, left a passion for line art, which I have dearly developed professionally.

Le sommeil du monster, Enki Bilal, 1998

Venus and Mars, Sandro Botticelli, dating from c. 1483

When I take in consideration all the artists that influence my work, it is no wonder that my style seems to change so often. Sometimes, something as trivial as a tea stain on your favourite book (ARGH!) can present a pin point for a new image. My drawing teacher used to tell me that I have no profile to be an architect because I look completely insane while painting, and architects, supposedly, should be cold-hearted bastards. Those hard strokes and fiery movements on my acrylics, for example, are caused by the maniac need to get my hands on the paint and canvas while I draw. In truth, though, I believe a good architect is a passionate one, since we exist to serve humanity.

Hobbies? I have no time for that! Drawing and MMORPGs stop being hobbies when they take all your free time!

You might find me roaming inside Eorzea

Since I finished University and started working, time to draw has become quite meagre, especially considering I have changed country four times. It has been a bumpy and restless trip, but I had contact with wonderful artists along the road. Now that things finally seem to have settled, I have some time to put all those ideas into paper. Most of my newest works are representations of buildings and statuary, but hei, that shouldn’t come as a surprise… In any case, I have a couple of new projects piled up in my working table which will hopefully take me back to a wider range of topics. All coming soon!