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29 : 09 : 2011

14 : 08 : 2011
After a little pause on the art, I finally got something going.

First a picture done about 1 year ago for a friend, portraiting a Dragoon holding it's mythical weapon.

Also the first picture for a possible new 2012 Calendar. This one portraits a street in the centre of Mikonos, on the Greek island of the same name:

12 : 03 : 2011
After a lot of work, the Question of Lust gallery is finally working. The PHP bugs that showed up before have also been taken care of (mafia-like).

This section contains sexual content, though I have removed the more spicy images. Still, if you are offended by sexual content, please keep browsing the other galleries! Thank you :)

10 : 03 : 2011
The gallery Oblivion is finally working and I have added many new images like this one for example:

08 : 03 : 2011
The Galleries base page has been updated.

The Galleries Chicken Flight and Fantasy are now up and running, with already some art samples available. I will try to put new art very soon.

I have also added a new Facebook button to make it easier for you to follow updates from my site. Hope you like it :o)

The Commissions page is also up. I have no price listings because it really depends on the time involved on each piece. If you would like to commission me, just send a detailed inquire! :)

08 : 03 : 2011
Still smoothing out the edges but the first gallery is up and running! The adventures of the tiny horse Smycks in "Chicken Flight" are now viewable :D

08 : 03 : 2011
Due to complications with my last server, i have lost all the information from my data base between 2005 and 2010. I have been working hard rebuilding my site, but it will take some time. In the words of the great master: "Patience, my young Padawan"...


I have made a completly new layout, which is still bumping with the PHP. I will fix it as quickly as possible and hope to have everything working smoothly before the end of March! *crosses fingers*

23 : 11 : 2005
Not that much time to update, and unfortunately to draw.
This time all the pictures are dedicated to yaoi.

Illustrations for Yaoi-Con 2005 Story Anthology:

* The Kiss
* Sleep
* The Lamp

Commissions for Megumi on "Master and Commander"

* The Hammock
* Entangled
* Night

26 : 09 : 2005
Well, things have been terribly down these last months! But things are about to change, because I have made a new update. And believe me, the expression «titanic update» does not match it.

First of all, to commemorate a new phase of my life, I decided to change the face of my site: a new picture as been added to the reception page.
Also a new stamp has been done to commemorate this new year: .

A few changes have been made internally in the site: the words of the menu corrected (no more horrible white stressing me), and I eliminated the gaps in the background pictures.
Some minor errors have also been corrected, but there are still one or two bugs to eliminate. Thank you for your patience! If you notice anything wrong please do not hesitate to contact me:

26 : 09 : 2005
But let us go to what matters, the new art:

New pictures added:

Lord of The Rings
The gallery has been rearranged and the whole doujinshi «Warrior Tears» has been exposed.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7

New picture added:

Pictures substituted for photos of greater quality:
Carpe Noctum
Pictures added:
Fell Bats
Carpe Noctum
Carpe Noctum
Grave Guard
Grave Guard

Pictures added to the Naughty Gifts Gallery:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 8
Page 12
Page 16

Pictures added to the Various Gallery:

Gundam Wing
Master and Commander
Master and Commander
Master and Commander